We discovered in the holidays that Turtle wasn’t just being selectively hard of hearing, but actually couldn’t hear very well at all. We decided to investigate. Having the GP look in his ears and go “hmmm, I haven’t actually ever seen anything like that before” was not reassuring and sent us hot-footing it to an ENT surgeon.
Thankfully it seems that having another set of grommets and possibly some adenoid-shaving might solve the problem.
Today was the day.
He was very well looked after by my colleagues – I must say it is useful to be on the receiving end sometimes!
Slightly apprehensive, watching “A Bug’s Life” in the pre-op holding area.
Highlight: The blanket from the warming cabinet!
Slightly sleepy in recovery…
Highlight: the lemonade iceblock….


Sleeping it off on the Children’s ward
Highlight: cannula removed
Finally some food…..! Although what he really, really wanted was a bacon sandwich.
(The minute we arrived home, Chef went to work on the sandwich)